Cryptocurrency Overview

. introduction Is active trading in cryptocurrency markets viable and can it produce superior performance compared to a buy and hold approach? Using a direct reinforcement (DR) model we demonstrate that, yes, active trading is viable and profitable in such markets and can produce risk-adjusted outperformance versus a passive buy and hold approach. We show… Continue reading Cryptocurrency Overview

Good cat species

We all know that cats are loving and truly wonderful creatures. These days, it is not out of the ordinary to see a cat in virtually any other home, sleeping by the window, or snuggling into its owners’ laps. Although cats have been popular pets for as long as most can remember, they weren’t domesticated… Continue reading Good cat species

The way to success

Success… We all aspire to this, we talk about it, we envy those who reach it, we think about it, we fight. It is really worth it. Success comes with achieving our goals and brings us incomparable satisfaction and happiness. This gives us a unique opportunity to be happy every day, if we reach small… Continue reading The way to success

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